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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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CZ-52 - 7.62x25

The CZ-52 is a short recoil operated roller locked firearm in 7.62x25. When the trigger is pulled, the transfer bar on the right side of the frame pulls the bottom of the sear that's under pressure from the sear spring around the sear pin. Then the bottom of the sear is pulled forward, the tip tips up and engages the firing pin block, and at the same time it disengages the hammer that strikes the firing pin, firing the weapon. While the recoil spring around the barrel applies pressure to the sliding locking piece between the rollers, the pressure in the barrel forces the rollers against the locking shoulders milled into the sides of the slide, which leaves the rollers with no other pathe than inwards, forcing the locking piece forward against spring pressure, as the rollers recess into the barrel assembly. When the rollers are fully disengaged from the locking shoulder, the slide is unlocked and allowed to move rearwards with the recoil impulse. As the slide moves backwards, it cocks the hammer, and disconnects the trigger as the trigger bar engages a ramp in the underside of the slide, pushing it down, disconnecting it from the sear. When the trigger is released, the transfer bar moves back to the rear and upwards, ready to again engage the sear. When the slide returns to battery, the barrel assembly is pushed against the breech face, and the recoil spring forces the locking piece between the rollers, pushing them into the recesses in the slide, returning the weapon to battery. The safety acts as a trigger block, and if moved upwards, a decocker. This is accomplished by the safety pushing the sear forward as to not disengage hte firing pin block while releasing the hammer. Field stripping is accomplished by pulling down the slide block fingers at the front top of the trigger guard, moving the slide block down, allowing the slide to move forward and lift off the rails on the frame. The magazine can then be used to push the barrel assembly forward, unlocking it, then tilting the rear up. It can be extracted from the slide, then under power of the recoil spring, shot at least ten feet into the air.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Slide - Above Profile:

Slide Locked Open, Barrel

Slide Locked Open, Chamber

Slide Locked Open, Right Side:

Trigger - Note Slide Removal Controls at Front of Guard:


Slide Removed - Underside:

Slide Assembly - Locked:

Slide Assembly - Locking Piece Disengaged:

Slide Assembly - Unlocked:

Slide - Barrel Group Removed:

Recoil Spring:

Barrel Assembly - Locked:

Barrel Assembly - Unocked:

Chamber Face:

Underside Rear of Slide - Note Firing Pin Rear and Firing Pin Safety:

Frame - Top:

Safety - Ejector on Top of Frame:

Fire Control Group - At Rest:

Fire Control Group - Trigger Pulled - Note Firing Pin Safety Raised:

Fire Control Group - Trigger Pulled - Disconnected:


CZ-52 - Oblique View: