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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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Glock 17 - 9x19

The Glock 17 is a recoil operated modified browning linkless delayed firearm in 9x19. The initial recoil moves the slide and barrel assembly rearwards as they are interlocked by means of a single locking lug that locks into the ejection port. As the barrel moves rearward, the protrusion on the bottom rear of the barrel engages a sloped surface on the top of the frame, the locking block, pulling the rear of the barrel down and unlocking from the slide. After the barrel has unlocked, the slide continues its rearward movement. The disconnect at the rear right side of the frame rides a groove inside the bottom of the slide, pushing it towards the inside, releasing the transfer bar and allowing it to return to its unfired position so it may catch the striker when the slide returns to batery. The Glock 17 is single action and lacks any manual safeties, but instead has a "safe action" trigger which immobilizes the transfer bar unless the trigger is manually depressed. Internal safeties include a firing pin block that is only moved when the transfer bar is moved and pushes the firing pin block up which protrudes from the bottom of the slide. Field stripping is accomplished by decocking the pistol by dropping the striker on an empty chamber, holding the slide back slightly to relieve pressure while pulling down on either side of the slide lock, then pulling the slide assembly forward and off the pistol. The retaining plate on the back of the slide can be pushed down and off, releasing the striker assembly and extractor plunger assembly from the slide.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Slide Locked Open - Ejection Port:

Slide Locked Open, Continued

Slide Locked Open, Continued

Slide - Above Profile:


Single Locking Lug - Engaged:

Single Locking Lug - Disengaged:

Slide Removed - Underside:

Slide Removed - Underside Without Recoil Spring Assembly:

Slide Removed - Underside Without Recoil Spring Assembly or Barrel:

Breech Face:


Chamber Face:

Frame - Above:

Frame - Fire Control Group:

Frame - Fire Control Group - Side:

Barrel and Recoil Spring Assembly:

Top of Frame - Right:

Top of Frame - Left:

Slide - Rear - Stripped:

Striker Assembly, Extractor Plunger Assembly, and Retaining Plate:

Magazine - Rear: