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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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F.N. Browning Hi-Power - Argentine - 9x19

The Browning Hi-Power is a short recoil linkless tilting multi-lug barrel firearm in 9x19. When a round is fired, the barrel and slide assembly recoil together. The ramp on the underside of the barrel makes contact with the locking shoulder that spans the width of the frame, pulling the rear of the barrel downwards and thus pulling the locking lugs on the top of the barrel out of the cuts in the top inside of the slide, unlocking the barrel from the slide. At this point the slide is free to recoil indepentently, moving the transfer lever off the front of the sear, allowing the sear to reset and the hammer to be caught by it when the slide cocks it. At the same time, the spring loaded trigger lever falls off the transfer lever. The slide continues rearward under impulse of recoil and the ejector enters the bolt face, striking the brass, and ejecting it from the weapon. The slide then begins to return to battery under power of the recoil spring under the barrel. While it returns, it strips a new round from the magazine, pushing it up the feed ramp and into the chamber. The breech face strikes the chamber face, pushing the barrel forward, at which point the top sloping edge of the underside of the barrel makes contact with the top of the locking shoulder, forcing the rear of the barrel upwards, and interlocking barrel and slide lugs, returning it fully to battery. The barrel is stopped with the pin on the slide stop, which is inserted through the ring on the guide rod and retained by detent. At the same time, the disconnector is pushed forward by the edge of the transfer bar, requiring the release of the trigger to lower the disconnector to allow it to move backwards and contact the transfer bar by pulling the trigger again. As the trigger is pulled, it pushes up on the transfer bar, which pivots in the middle, which then pushes down with the rear of the bar on the front of the sear, lifting it off the hammer notch and allowing the hammer to fall, striking the firing pin, and starting the cycle over again. The safety works by blocking the sear on its bottom edge, disallowing movement. The hi-power also features a magazine disconnect that functiony by moving the disconnector into a forward disconnected position, unable to reach the transfer lever. This particular Hi-Power was produced in Argentina on FN machinery and is a type 73.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Slide - Above Profile:


Slide Locked Open

Slide Locked Open, Continued

Slide Locked Open, Continued

Trigger, Slide Stop and Magazine Release:

Safety Locking Notches and Safety:

Slide - Underside - Complete:

Slide - Underside - Recoil Spring and Guide Rod Removed:

Slide - Underside - Recoil Spring, Guide Rod Removed and Barrel:

Slide - Underside - Rear - Notice Transfer Lever:

Slide - Underside - Locking Lugs:

Barrel - Notice Locking Lugs on Top and Unlocking Ramp Below the Chamber:

Frame - Top - Right Side:

Frame - Top - Left Side:

Locking Shoulder Inside Frame:

Barrel on Frame - Locked Position:

Barrel on Frame - Unlocked Position:

Frame - Slide Removed - Top View:

Trigger Lever/Disconnector and Magazine Safety inside Lower Right:

Side View of Sear on Left and Trigger Lever Extended with Trigger Pulled on Right:


Hammer Spring and Sear Spring Inside Grip with Grip Pannels Removed:

Hammer Spring and Sear Spring Inside Grip with Grip Pannels Removed, Continued:

Sear with Safety Engaged Blocking Movement:

Recoil Spring and Guide Rod:

Slide Stop - Top View:

Breech Face:

Firing Pin, Firing Pin Spring and Firing Pin Retaining Plate:


9x19 Rounds: