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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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Makarov - 9x18 - East German

The Makarov is a Russian designed direct blowback firearm in 9x18. This specimen is, however, of East German manufacture. There is no locking mechanism to speak of outside the mass of the slide that serves to delay opening. Like a large number of european handguns, the magazine release is on the heel and not on the side of the grip. The Makarov features a slide mounted safety and decocker. Disassemble is accomplished by pulling down the trigger guard which allows the slide to move further back, it is ten tilted up at the rear and slides forward off the barrel. The fixed barrel lends to excellent accuracy but is hindered by the low power of the 9x18 round. When the trigger is pulled, it pivots towards the top and pulls the transfer bar forward, at which point the disconnect attached to the other end of the transfer bar engages the hammer if it is not cocked on the bottom and lifts it, cocking it until the sear engages the top notch of the hammer. If the trigger is further pulled the disconnector engages the sear, lifting it off the hammer notch, releasing the hammer and striking the firing pin. As the slide moves rearward under impulse from recoil the disconnect groove on the inside of the slide constricts and acts to cam the disconnector to the outside of the frame, releasing the sear to enable it to engage the hammer when cocked by further recoil of the slide. When recoiling, the ejector which is integral to the slide stop contacts the brass through the slot in the bolt face, ejecting the brass from the weapon. The slide then returns to battery under power of the recoil spring, stripping a fresh round and chambering it. The Hammer spring is a leaf spring that resides in the rear of the grip, along with a trigger leaf spring that acts on the rear of the transfer bar instead of the trigger itself in most conventional handgun designs. The safety works by blocking the hammer from striking the firing pin as it extends into the hammer's channel when engaged. When it is put on safe, the safety engages the hook on the sear and pulls up, releasing the hammer, only to fall against the protruding lug on the safety instead of the firing pin.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Slide - Above Profile:

Slide Locked Open

Slide Locked Open, Continued


Trigger and Slide Stop:


Slide - Removed - Underside:

Slide - Rear - Safety Engaged:

Slide - Rear - Safety Disengaged:

Trigger Guard - Lowered for Disassembly:

Frame - Slide Removed - Right Side:

Frame - Slide Removed - Left Side:


Breech Face:

Frame - Top View:

Frame - Grip Removed:

Leaf Springs - Hammer Spring Left - Trigger Spring Right:

Fire Control Group - Hammer Uncocked:

Fire Control Group - Hammer Cocked:

Fire Control Group - Trigger Pulled and Sear Disengaged from Hammer:

Fire Control Group - Trigger Pulled and Disconnected - Sear Ready for Engagement:

Inside of Slide at Rear - Notice Cammed Channel at Top for Disconnect Function:

Grip and Grip Screw:

Magazine Heel Release:


9x18 Rounds: