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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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MAS 49/56 - 7.5x54

The MAS 49/56 is a gas-operated tilting locking bolt with a direct impingement gas sytem in 7.5x54. The gas from the fired round is bled off at the gas block and travels down a tube into the front of the receiver where it acts directly upon the bolt carrier. When the bolt carrier begins its rearward movement, the rear of the carrier no longer restircts the bolt's upward movement and it slides off the locking shoulder into the bolt carrier, unlocking the action, and allowing it to blow back fully. The hammer is cocked by the bolt group's recoiling in the receiver and while the trigger is still pulled the disconnect engagement notch catches on the spring loaded disconnector. The bolt group returns towards battery under pressure of the recoil spring, at which point the bolt moves past the locking shoulder and comes to a stop, while the bolt carrier continues forward and pushes the rear of the bolt down in front of the shoulder, which returns the system to battery. The trigger is then released, disengaging the disconnector from the rear notch on the hammer and allows the sear to catch the front notch on the rear of the hammer. The safety acts to block the sear. The receiver cover is removed by pressing the sliding switch on the rear of the receiver up, then sliding the cover forward, then lifted out of the receiver. With the cover and spring removed, the bolt group can moved fully rearward and lifted out of the receiver. The trigger pack can be removed by unscrewing the screw behind the trigger guard while the front of the pack latches over the lip of the receiver. Removing the handguard is accomplished by using a special tool to unscrew that bastard french screw on the barrel band. a pin is then driven out of the front of the lower guard and both pull off, exposing the direct impingement system. A noteworthy design of the MAS 49/56 is that the magazine catch is integral to the magazine, and not the receiver.

Right Side:

Left Side:

End of Stock and Barrel:

End of Stock and Barrel - Grenade Sights Up:

Muzzle Brake

Bolt Group in Battery:


Trigger - Safety Disengaged:

Trigger - Safety Engaged:

Magazine Locked:

Bolt Locked Open From Above::

Bolt Face with Bolt Locked Open:

Rear Sight:

Receiver - Above:

Rear of Receiver - Receiver Cover Unlocking Lever:

Receiver - Top Cover Removed:

Receiver Cover:

Receiver Cover, Continued:

Receiver Cover, Continued - Note Guide Rod:

Receiver Cover, Continued - Note Guide Rod with Spring:

Receiver from Top - Bolt Group Removed - Hammer Cocked:

Receiver from Top - Bolt Group Removed - Hammer Forward:

Bolt Group - Locked:

Bolt Group - Unlocked:


Firing Pin Removed from Bolt:

Bolt Carrier - Top:

Bolt Carrier - Bottom:

Rear of Bolt Group - Note Recoil Spring Hole and Firing Pin:

Trigger Pack - Cocked:

Trigger Pack - Hammer Released:

Trigger Pack - Disconnector on Left, Sear Directly to the Right:

Hammer - Note Disconnector Notch on Top, Sear Notch Directly Under:

Trigger Pack - Above View:

Trigger Pack Screw - Secured by Ratcheting Leaf Spring:

Chamber Face:

Gas Tube - Above View - Protruding from Receiver Face:

Gas Block and Tube:

Gas Tube:

MAS 49/56 - Stripped excluding Trigger Pack - Direct Impingement Gas System:

Barrel Band with Sling Loop Attached - Note That Bastard French Screw:


Receiver Markings:

7.5x54 Rounds:

MAS 49/56 - Oblique View:

Tool to Remove That Bastard French Screw: