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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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Nagant 1895 - 7.62x38R

The Nagant 1895 is a double-action revolver in 7.62x38R with a firing pin affixed to the hammer that strikes the primer through a hole in the frame, unlike modern revolvers which have a hammer strike a transfer bar which then acts upon the firing pin, and employs a block that is removed only when the trigger is pulled. Another deviation from modern revolvers is that the cylinder does not swing out, instead the loading gate is opened and rounds are loaded one at a time. Unlike single-action revolvers that share the same mode of loading, there is no half-cock position necessary to allow the cylinder to spin freely. The most unique feature of the Nagant revolver is the gas seal created by inserting the end of the brass with the recessed bullet inside into the end of the barrel. This is accomplished by linkage attached to the trigger that moves up as the hammer is cocked forcing the movable block out towards the cylinder that slides freely on the sleeve down the center of it. This action inserts the brass in the barrel which then expands as the bullet is pushed out, achieving a gas seal insead of using a conventional system where there is a forcing cone for the bullet on the other side of the gap between the cylinder face and barrel.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Left Side - Hammer Back:

CCCP marking:

Front of Cylinder - hammer down:

Front of Cylinder - hammer back and cylinder cammed forward:

Linkage Attached to Trigger That Forces Out Movable Block:

Movable Block in Forward Position:

Loading Gate Open:

Base Pin:

Base Pin - Rotated and Extended - Barrel Sleeve Roatated for Dissassembly:

Cylinder and Sleeve Removed:

Inside of frame showing base pin hole, recessed block with firing pin hole, and pawl and pawl slot.:

7.62x38R Live Rounds - Russian 1970s Stocks:

End of Cartridge With Cylinder at the Rear:

Sight Picture: