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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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P-64 - 9x18

The P-64 is a polish manufactured direct blowback firearm in 9x18. The is no locking mechanism to speak of outside the mass of the slide that serves to delay opening. There is no slide lock to be manually actuated, but instead one that locks only upon the slide being cycled on an empty magazine. Like a large number of european handguns, the magazine release is on the heel and not on the side of the grip. It has a loaded chamber indicator that is a small pin that protrudes at the rear of the slide, and a decocker is integrated into the safety. The P-64 has a relatively rough and heavy double action pull, but the single action is light and crisp. The heavy double action pull is mostly the fault of the heavy hammer spring and short engagement spur on which the trigger bar attaches to the hammer. Disassembly is accomplished by pulling down the trigger guard which allows the slide to move further back, it is then tilted up at the rear and slides forward off the barrel. The fixed barrel lends to excellent accuracy but is hindered by the low power of the 9x18 round. The Disconnect bar doubles as the decocker, when depress half way, it acts to disconnect the trigger bar from the sear by lowering it, but when fully depressed, it trips the sear and lets the hammer fall. The reason why the hammer falling on decocking does not fire the weapon is that when rotated, the safety blocks the firing pin by protruding on either side of it. The reason for the light trigger pull on single action is because there is very little spring pressure forcing the sear engagement surface to the hammer together, and the ledge is very slight on which it sits. The miulti-purpose parts of the fire control group, fixed barrel, and minimal controls are what makes the P-64 a reliable and accurate sidearm.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Loaded Chamber Indicator - Loaded:

Slide Locked Open:

Slide Locked Open, Continued

Slide - Above Profile:


Slide Removed - Underside:

Trigger Guard - Hinged Down for Disassembly:

Frame - Right Side - Slide Removed:

Frame - Left Side - Slide Removed:


Frame - Top Rear:

Breech Face:

Heel Magazine Release:

Fire Control Group Hammer - Hammer Forward and Trigger at Rest:

Fire Control Group Hammer - Hammer Back and Trigger at Rest - Trigger Bar Pushed Forward by Hammer:

Fire Control Group - Disconnected:

Fire Control Group - Decocked:


Rear of Firing Pin - Safety Off:

Rear of Firing Pin - Partially Engaged to Demonstrate Block: