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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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Taurus PT-92-AR - 9x19

The Taurus PT-92 is a short recoil delayed locking breech block firearm in 9x19. When a round is fired, the barrel and slide assembly recoil together until the pin on the base of the barrel impacts the frame, which then pushes on the ramped surface on the breech block, forcing the block down into the frame and pulling the lugs out of the slide, thereby unlocking the slide and allowing it to recoil fully. At the same time, when the slide is beginning to recoil the ramped groove on the edge of the slide pushes the disconnector down, which is attached to the end of the trigger transfer bar, moving it downward and no longer able to engage the sear. On rearward movement, the ejector protrudes through the face of the bolt, contacting the brass and ejecting it through the large port. The slide cocks the hammer which rests on the sear as the trigger has been disconnected earlier on the cycle. After fully rearward, the slide begins to return to battery under power of the recoil spring which is wrapped around the guide rod which is not protruding from the front end of the slide. The bottom of the bolt strips a round from the magazine, slides it up the feed ramp, and into the chamber. When the bolt face and chamber face meet, the slide pushes the barrel forward, the breech block's forward ramped surface then impacts the frame, forcing it upward where the lugs lock into the slide, bringing it fully into battery. When the trigger is squeezed again, it pivots near the top, and pulls on the transfer bar, which then acts on the top of the sear, tilting it forward as it pivots in the middle, disengaging it from the hammer and allowing the hammer to fall. At the same time, the firing pin safety bar is raised, contacting the firing pin safety on the bottom of the slide, unblocking the firing pin and allowing it to strike the primer. The safety acts to directly block the sear at its top, disallowing forward movement. The PT-92 also features a grooved front and backstrap for improved grip, and this one in particular is a bead blasted stainless steel with an aluminium frame.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Slide - Above Profile:


Slide Locked Open

Slide Locked Open, Continued


Trigger, Takedown Lever, Slide Stop and Magazine Release:

Front Strap:

Back Strap:

Slide - Takedown Lever Actuated:

Slide - Complete:

Slide - Recoil Spring and Guide Rod Removed:

Slide - Stripped:

Breech Face:

Barrel Assembly - Locked:

Barrel Assembly - Unlocked:

Breech Block:

Barrel - Breech Block Removed - Pin Protruding:

Frame - Slide Removed - Right Side:

Frame - Slide Removed - Left Side:

Barrel Rails - End View:

Frame - Contact Surface of Breech Block Pin and Side View of Barrel Rails:

Frame - Contact Surface of Breech Block and Side View of Barrel Rails:

Frame with Barrel Assembly - Locked:

Frame with Barrel Assembly - Unlocked:

Frame with Barrel Assembly - Chamber Face View - Locked:

Frame with Barrel Assembly - Chamber Face View - Unlocked:

Slide Removed - Lugs Locked into Slide:

Slide Removed - Stripped - Notice Locking Channel for Lugs:

Recoil Guide Rod and Spring:

Frame - Above:

Top Rear of Frame - Grip Pannels Removed - Right Side:

Top Rear of Frame - Grip Pannels Removed - Left Side:

Sear - As Viewed through Top of Magazine Well:

Safety and Sear - Safety Engaged Blocking Sear:

Transfer Bar, Disconnector and Sear - Engaged:

Transfer Bar, Disconnector and Sear - Disconnected:

Disconnector Groove and Firing Pin Block:


9x19 Rounds:

non-technical photo, more here