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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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Alchemy Arms Spectre .45

The Spectre is a recoil operated modified browning linkless delayed firearm in .45, though it was also made in some numbers in .40 S&W. The initial recoil moves the slide and barrel assembly rearwards as they are interlocked by means of a single locking lug that locks into the ejection port. As the barrel moves rearward, the protrusion on the bottom rear of the barrel engages a sloped surface on the top of the frame, the locking block, pulling the rear of the barrel down and unlocking from the slide. After the barrel has unlocked, the slide continues its rearward movement. Internal safeties include a firing pin block that is only moved when the transfer bar is moved and pushes the firing pin block up which protrudes from the bottom of the slide. Field stripping is accomplished by decocking the pistol by dropping the striker on an empty chamber, holding the slide back slightly to relieve pressure while pulling down on either side of the slide lock, then pulling the slide assembly forward and off the pistol. The retaining plate on the back of the slide can be pushed down and off, releasing the striker assembly and extractor plunger assembly from the slide.

While it's strikingly similar to the Glock, that's entirely limited to the slide and sear that retains the striker. The trigger does not pivot, but moves in the same manner as one in a 1911, and spans the magazine well as one does in a 1911. It has both a grip safety and a manual safety in the same configuration as the 1911 as well. The frame is of aluminium construction instead of polymer, and is complete with a four-pin integral tubular lock in what would be called the mainspring housing, if it had a spring there. The housing is removed much in the same was it is on a 1911, with the exception of it being a roll pin instead of detent retained solid pin, and higher on the housing. While the Spectre slide fits and functions to the degree that the striker is retained then released by actuating the trigger, the Glock slide will not fit a Spectre. Another departure from the 1911 design is the pin retaining the grip safety, while still integral to the manual safety, is itself secured with a c-clip rather than and kind of interaction with the slide. Unlike both the 1911 and Glock, the Spectre's ejector is secured with two star-drive screws rather than being press fit or pinned.

Spectre brocure and manual

Right Side:

Left Side:



Slide Locked Open:

Slide Locked Open, Continued:

Single Locking Lug - Engaged:

Single Locking Lug - Disengaged:

Breech Face:

Slide Removed - Underside; complete, less spring, less barrel:

Barrel and Recoil Spring, Guide Rod Assembly:

Top of Frame:

Top of Frame, Rear:

Top of Frame, Rear, Side View:

Top: Spectre Slide
Bottom: Glock 17 Slide

Top: Spectre Frame
Bottom: Glock 17 Frame

Top: Spectre Frame
Bottom: Glock 17 Frame

Spectre slide on Glock frame:

Integral Lock:


Spectre and Influences: