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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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Star Modelo Super B - 9x19

The Star Modelo Super B is a recoil operated linkless delayed firearm in 9x19. The initial recoil moves the slide and barrel assembly rearwards as they are interlocked by means of locking lugs forward of the chamber that recess into the top of the slide. As the barrel moves rearward, The cam on the bottom of the barrel engages the slide stop pin, pulling the rear of the barrel down and unlocking it from the slide. After the barrel has unlocked, the slide is free to fully recoil. On its way back, it contacts the disconnector which pushes the spring loaded trigger bar down, disengaging it from the sear. The Star also features a magazine safety which locks the trigger while the magazine is removed. It is located at the top of the magazine well and slides to the right to unlock, recessing inside the frame. It also features a loaded chamber indicator that is pushed up and out the top of the slide by the rim on the casing when chambered. Field stripping is accomplished by pivoting the takedown lever on the right side of the frame downward which allows the barrel to move forward, and the slide assembly to be removed.

Right Side:

Left Side:


Loaded Chamber Indicator - Engaged:

Slide Locked Open, Barrel


Slide Locked Open, Chamber:

Slide Locked Open:

Controls, Left:

Controls, Right:

Takedown Lever in Unlocked Position:

Slide Removed - Underside:

Slide Removed - Underside, Recoil Spring Removed:

Slide Removed - Underside, Recoil Spring, Barrel, and Barrel Bushing Removed:

Barrel Bushing:

Slide - Locking Lugs:


Guide Rod, Recoil Spring, and Plug:

Frame - Right Side:

Frame - Left Side:

Barrel and Frame - Locked Position:

Barrel and Frame - Unlocked Position:

Frame - Above - Takedown Lever Pin to Unlock Barrel:

Frame - Above:

Magazine Safety Inside Well:

Frame - Grips Removed - Sear, Trigger Bar, and Disconnector:

Frame - Grips Removed - Hammer Leaf Spring and Sear:

Breech Face: