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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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Tokarev SVT-40 - 7.62x54R

the SVT-40 is a gas-operated tilting locking bolt with a short-stroke gas piston in 7.62x54R. The gas from the fired round is bled off at the adjustable gas block that is integral to the muzzle device also containing the front sight and brake, this component is separate from the barrel. The gas blows back the spring-loaded piston about half of an inch, which impacts the top of the bolt carrier. When the bolt carrier begins its rearward movement, the bolt's lug engages a slot on the carrier which raises the rear of the bolt and disengages it from the locking shoulder in the receiver. The bolt group continues its rearward movement, engaging the safety sear on the hammer, and the casing eventually makes contact with the ejector just forward of the safety sear and at the rear of the magazine well. At the same time, the carrier cocks the hammer which resets the trigger group which was previously disconnected when the trigger transfer bar slipped off the bottom of the hammer sear at its full extension. When the bolt returns to battery, it presses down on the disconnect lever, disengaging the safety sear from the hammer. When it is fully in battery, the face of the bolt is stopped by the chamber face and the sloping recess on the carrier forces the rear of te bolt down and locks it against the locking shoulder. When the trigger is then pulled, the transfer bar pushes on the bottom of the hammer sear allowing the top to move away from the notch on the top of the hammer, allowing it to move forward under spring pressure. Another unique feature of the SVT-40 is that the entire trigger groups drops out by lifting the flap on the back of the receiver and pressing a round in the hole. this engages a ring that pushes on the lever inside the receiver allowing the back of the trigger group to drop out. The cleaning rod also requires a button on the bayonet lug to be depressed for its removal. The barrel shroud and top of the handguard is easily removed after the band containing the sling loop is removed by depressing the springed ever on the bottom front end of the stock. The safety is only a trigger block and is disengaged by inserting a finger behind the trigger to flip it up. The magazine catch also folds backwards to be flush with the bottom of the trigger group.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Forward Stock and Barrel Shroud:

Gas Block, Note Adjustment at Top

Muzzle Brake, Front Sight and Cleaning Rod

Barrel Shroud:



Bolt Group in Battery:

Bolt Locked Open From Above:

Trigger with Safety Engaged:

Magazine Locked:

Magazine Catch:

Bolt Face with Bolt Locked Open:

Rear Sight and 1941 Izhevsk marking:

Receiver - Top Cover Removed:

Receiver Cover:

Receiver Cover, Continued:

Receiver Cover, Continued - Note Guide Rod Locking Area:

Recoil Springs with Guide Rods:

Receiver from Top - Bolt Group Removed - Hammer Cocked:

Receiver from Top - Bolt Group Removed - Hammer Forward:

Receiver Directly Behind Magwell - Note Plumb Colored Locking Shoulder and Disconnector at Top of Shoulder - Top View:

Receiver Directly Behind Magwell - Note Plumb Colored Locking Shoulder and Disconnector at Top of Shoulder - Side View:

Front of Bolt Group - Note Recess for Gas Piston:

Bolt Group - Unlocked:

Bolt Group - Locked:

Rear of Bolt Group - Unlocked - Note Recoil Spring Hole and Firing Pin:

Bolt - Note Lugs on Rear and Locking Lug on Botton:

Bolt Carrier - Top:

Bolt Carrier - Bottom:

Trigger Pack - Cocked:

Trigger Pack - Hammer Released:

Sear Engagement on Hammer:

Safety Sear on Right Side of Picture - Spring Loaded to Engage:

Transfer Bar - Trigger Pulled:

Transfer Bar - Trigger Pulled - Disconnected:

Trigger Pack - Rear View:

Chamber Face:

Rear of Receiver - Flap Closed:

Rear of Receiver - Flap Open:

Chamber Face - Gas Piston Partially Engaged:

Barrel with Top Barrel Shroud and Forearm Removed:

Front of Gas Piston:

Rear of Gas Piston and Piston Spring:

Cleaning Rod - Locked:

Cleaning Rod - unlocked:

Spring Loaded Lever and Band:

Trigger Pack Locking Lever at Rear Underside of Stock:


7.62x54R Rounds:

SVT-40 - Side:

SVT-40 - Rear View:

SVT-40 - Bolt Locked Open - Oblique View: