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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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Tanfoglio T95 - 10mm

The Tanfoglio is s short recoil modified Browing linkless delayed firearm that comes in various calibers, this however, is in 10mm. When the trigger is pulled, the transfer bar that spans both sides of the magazine well pulls the lower legs of the sear forward, pivoting it on its pin, disengaging it from the hammer. The energy from the round fired moves the slide and barrel rear as a group. As the barrel moves to the rear, the lug on the bottom engages the slide stop pin, pulling the barrel down and disenging the lugs on the top of the barrel from the cuts in the top of the slide, unlocking the barrel and allowing the slide to fully recoil, ejecting the spent casing. At the same time, the ramped surface on the bottom of the slide pushes the transfer bar downward where it contacts at its raised portions closest to the rear, disconnecting it from the sear until the trigger is reset allowing the recoil of the slide to cock the hammer. When the slide has fully recoiled, it is forced forward by the recoil spring, the bottom lug of the barrel again contacting the slide stop, forcing it up and back into battery. A unique feature of the Tanfoglio is the arrangement of the frame and slide rails, conventionally the slide would fit over rails protruding from the frame, in theis case, however, the rails on the slide fit inside grooves that run the full length of the slide. The Tanfoglio, like the CZ-75, has a firing pin safety; they diverge, however, in the arrangement of the hammer spring which is captive to the upper frame instead of spanning the length of the grip like in the CZ.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Slide - Above Profile:


Slide Locked Open

Slide Locked Open, Continued

Slide Locked Open, Continued

Safety and Slide Stop:

Slide - Underside - Complete:

Slide - Underside - Recoil Spring and Guide Rod Removed:

Slide - Underside - Recoil Spring, Guide Rod Removed and Barrel:

Slide - Underside - Rear:

Slide - Underside - Locking Lugs:

Barrel - Notice Locking Lugs On Top:

Frame - Top - Right Side:

Frame - Top - Left Side:

Barrel on Frame - Locked Position:

Barrel on Frame - Unlocked Position:

Fire Control Group:

Ejector and Sear from Left:

Ejector and Sear from Right:

Recoil Spring and Full Length Guide Rod:

Slide Stop:

Breech Face:

Firing Pin, Firing Pin Spring, Firing Pin Safety, and Retaining Plate:


10mm rounds: