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4 Aug 2014 - mkillebrew

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An Illustrative Comparison of the VZ-58 and AK-47
VZ-58 build

ORF receiver with some internals installed

Barrel after being pressed from the receiver stub

Barrel arbor I made which bent... ended up using a 3/8" extension with a socket on the press end to spread the force

Flash hider I ordered next to the Go gauge, the VZ is a 14x1 right-hand threading.
as I get a lot of google hits for "vz-58 flash hider" on here, it's from cncwarrior.com and well worth the $20.

FCG in the receiver testing it out, with moderate success

welded the old cut up auto sear to the semi sear to make it more rigid and functional

taking the barrel off almost defeated the press, putting it on was almost like there was no load on it

pic with the barrel pressed on, still haven't pinned it or tack welded the flash hider yet

mmm.. a loaded mag

VZ in functioning condition, before test fire.

VZ after the Gun-Kote finish was baked on.


to do:
-rivet sear spring and trigger guard on